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Alpha Destructicus is a free PDF game.

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About Alpha Destructicus

Alpha Destructicus is a racing game of futuristic destruction derby with tanks, trucks, dinosaurs, ramps, and machine guns.

When I was growing up, I played Car Wars incessantly. It was my favorite game for a long time. Later, I became a serious Warhammer 40k enthusiast. It was when I was running a short demonstration of Warhammer 40k for some other gaming friends that I decided to combine the elements I liked best from both games into a game of my own. Alpha Destructicus was the result.

Alpha Destructicus is a fast, frenetic game of vehicle racing and combat with lots of explosions and spectacular pileups.

Getting ready to start play. Alpha Destructicus is a DIY game. There aren't any minis or terrain included. Use what you've got around the house. Boxes work fine for buildings. Toys, lego, or war game models work for vehicles and characters.
Team Minifig ready to mount up.
Dinosaur cavalry waiting for a rider. The game supports a bunch of different kinds of "vehicles", including monsters and robots. There aren't any vehicle design rules, but you can use the sample vehicles or just make up your own.
The full arena, ready for play. I've included a drawing of a sample arena. Once you've played once, you can come up with alternate layouts.

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