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For the Love of Dungeons (PDF)

12 evocative hand-drawn dungeon maps with notations and space for notes and occurrences. $5.00
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Maps for Games

For the Love of Dungeons is book of 12 annotated dungeons for dungeons & dragons, or any other dungeon role-playing game. Each dungeon has a strong theme and tone and is designed to help dungeon masters come up with great gaming sessions. These adventures do not include stats or encounter tables. Instead, they provide a template for play or a library of ideas you can flesh out and import to your own dungeon crawl.

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What's Different About These Maps?

Tone, not Stats

This book straddles the line between a collection of empty map tiles and a commercial module with fully fleshed and statted encounters. Each map has its own distinct tone and unifying theme representing a potentially unlimited number of possible adventures.

Built for Improvisation

A lot of game masters use improvisation in their games, yet most dungeon products I see still ignore this technique altogether. These maps are designed to make GM-ing on the fly easier by giving you just enough inspiration to go on. It's my hope that gaming groups can pull out one of these maps when an adventure is called for and no one has the details prepared.

Idea Generation

You can still use any of these maps as the foundation for a fully designed adventure or as a source of ideas you can take and use in your own game. Think of each map as a dungeon generator that provides an outline for you to fill in.

No Gridlines

These maps include no gridlines because my aim is to inspire adventures. The details of attack range, corridor size, and furniture durability I leave up to experienced game masters like you.

A Word of Thanks

Thank you to all the people on Story Games who helped me find the quotations for this book: Dana Johnson, John Harper, Dave Younce, James Ritter, Philip LaRose, Ben Wray, Josh Roby, Nick Wedig, Richard DiTullio, Judd Karlman, Jason Morningstar, Paul Czege, and Lukas Myhan.

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Email me and tell me how you used my maps. Small independent publishers like me depend upon word of mouth from customers like you to sell our stuff. If you blog about your game or write a review of my book, I'll happily link to you from this page.

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