Principia: Secret Wars of the Renaissance RPG

Principia: Secret Wars of the Renaissance RPG

What if Leonardo built giant spider war machines to terrorize the cities of Italy?

What if Machiavelli commanded the loyalty of an international cabal of vampire spies?

What if Michelangelo opened doors to other worlds?


Principia: Secret Wars of the Renaissance is a role-playing story game of high adventure in an alternate history of the Renaissance.

Principia is about heroic exploits in a fantastic game world.

But more importantly, Principia is about people and the things they care about, who they love and hate, and all the best and worst things they are capable of.


Is ambition more important than friendship?

Can anything overcome true love?

Can a werewolf have friends?


Through Principia's unique War of Ideas mechanic, the struggles of the characters are tied to the burning questions of the age. You decide what these questions are and, through the efforts of your character, you try to answer them as best you can. But be careful, once asked, the answer may not be what you expected.

The GenCon 2009 Beta Edition of Principia is now available as a free PDF download. There are also a limited number of print copies available at the original price. Please contact me if you're interested. Planet Thirteen Games counter hit make